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 Fiber Expo Spring 2016


Saturday April 9 & Sunday April 10





#101 - Hand Painting Yarn OR Roving - Kathy Moskal - instructor, 9:00 - Noon

Cost$70/student, includes all mateials

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  - In this class we will learn different dyeing techniques to hand paint yarns using protein dyes to color animal fiber yarns in the microwave.  Class includes tools, dyes and either two 4oz skeins of Sock Yarn OR two 8 oz rovings of combined top wool.

Please bring an apron, rubber gloves (like kitchen dishwashing gloves) and old clothes as they may get some dye on them. Instructor will also have disposable apron and gloves available

Class Size:  6


#102 - I Bought The Angora Rabbit, Now What? - Colleen Boyde - instructor, 9:00 - 12:30 

Cost:  $45/student - Plus $17 for grooming kit and workshop booklet to be paid directly to instructor at beginning of class.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Class Requirements:  Wear long sleeves and bring a bunny if you have one.  

Description:  - Help, Help... This class will help you and your bunny become the best of friends. We will explore ways to make your bunny experience positive, with you being the one in charge. Skill will be taught including handling, grooming and fiber harvesting. This is the change to have hands on help with your bunny.  

Class Size:  8




#201 - Peg Loom Rug  Mary Minney - instructor,  Noon - 2 pm  --  SORRY - THIS CLASS IS FULL 

Cost:  $50, includes all materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Requirements:  Students need to bring sharp scissors.

Description We will use the old method of stick weaving applied to a peg loom to construct a rug from cloth strips. Cotton warp is threaded through the pegs and fabric strips are woven between the pegs until they are filled. It is then advanced along the warp. This process continues until the desired length and then the warp is tightened, tied off to create fringe and enjoyed. The rug is a thick, soft rug that is a pleasure to bare feet. 

Looms will be available to purchase for $40. If you choose to buy a loom, you will begin working on it and can continue a larger project at home. Looms will be available for use during class time and your finished smaller rug will be removed at the end of class if you do not purchase a loom.

Class Size:  10 



#202 - Make Fish Leather Buttons  - Pam Manthei - instructor,  Noon - 2 pm



Cost:  $30, Plus $10 materials fee to be paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of class (includes fish leather, fabric & button blanks).

Skill Level:  Beginner

Requirements:  Students need to bring sharp scissors.

Description:  Wow, sleek, sophisticated and unique!!! Fish Leather Buttons for that special garment or project.  This class  will provide instruction on how to choose the fish leather best suited for making buttons: texture, thickness, etc.  You will first practice on a piece of fabric and then make buttons out of the provided fish leather. There will be a wide variety of fish leather colors to select your perfect choice. Class discussion will also cover choosing the proper button size when planning your fashion project. When finished with the class – the student will take home four completed buttons: 1 from fabric & 3 fish leather buttons. 

Class Size10 







#301 - Nuno Felting Sue Schalk - instructor,  9 - Noon 


Cost:  $80

Skill Level:  Beginner

Requirements:  Students need to bring a bath sized towel.  Rubber gloves and an apron might be handy but are not necessary.  

Description:  Students will have the choice from several kits to create their one of a kind nuno felted scarf. The kit contains a silk scarf blank, several colors of merino fiber, silk, and other embellishments.   

Class Size:  6 


#302 - The World of Spindles  Mary Minney - instructor,  9 am - Noon  

Cost:  $45, all materials included

Description Learn how to spin on a variety of spindles.  Many have been accustomed to a drop spindle but may wish to try another type; this is the class for you. We will explore the drop spindle, Turkish spindle, paddle spindle, and Navajo spindle. We'll also explore some home-made options if you're in a pinch. Spindles of various types will also be available for sale.

Class Size:  10 


#303 - Twill Storage Basket  Kathy McMinn - instructor,  All Day Class with lunch break.  9;00 AM -4:00 pm  

Cost:  $60/student, includes all materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  This is a fun and easy basket to weave. You will learn to weave a simple over/under base, start up your sides and then do a twill. When you are done, you will have a great fruit basket or storage basket. Color options will be available.

Class Size:  6



#401 - Card WeavingKathy Moskal - instructor, Noon - 3 pm -- SORRY THIS CLASS IS FULL

Cost:  $55/student, includes all materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  Using the age-old art of card weaving (or tablet weaving), you can create beautifully patterned bands to use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. This class will teach you how to read the pattern, to warp the cards and to weave with this ancient and fascinating system. We will be using a simple 6-card pattern draft, warping the loom and weaving book marks or a strap in up to 3 different patterns. Class includes cards, weaving materials, pattern and Board Loom; you will take home your simple loom!

Class Size:  6   



#402 - Circular Sock Machine Basics Mark Schalk - instructor,   Noon - 3

Cost:  $65/student

Skill Level:  Beginner

Class Requirements:  Students will need to bring their own machine with stand, ribber if you have one, weights, and 3 skeins of yarn appropriate for your cylinder size.

Description:  This class is for beginning CSM users. We'll cover the basics of your machine, accessories, as well as learn how to:

* Create a setup bonnet

* Use your ribber

* Turn a heel

You will need to bring your own machine with stand, ribber if you have one, weights, and 3 skeins of yarn appropriate for your cylinder size. Sock yarn will be available for an additional charge.


Class Size:  6  









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