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 Fiber Expo Spring 2016


Saturday April 9 & Sunday April 10

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#101 - Hand Painting Yarn OR Roving - Kathy Moskal - instructor, 9:00 - Noon

Cost:  $70/student, includes all mateials

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  - In this class we will learn different dyeing techniques to hand paint yarns using protein dyes to color animal fiber yarns in the microwave.  Class includes tools, dyes and either two 4oz skeins of Sock Yarn OR two 8 oz rovings of combined top wool.

Please bring an apron, rubber gloves (like kitchen dishwashing gloves) and old clothes as they may get some dye on them. Instructor will also have disposable apron and gloves available

Class Size:  6



#201 - Nuno Felting Sue Schalk - instructor,  Noon - 4 pm 


Cost:  $80

Skill Level:  Beginner

Requirements:  Students need to bring a bath sized towel.  Rubber gloves and an apron might be handy but are not necessary.  

Description:  Students will have the choice from several kits to create their one of a kind nuno felted scarf. The kit contains a silk scarf blank, several colors of merino fiber, silk, and other embellishments.   

Class Size:  6 








#401 - Card WeavingKathy Moskal - instructor, Noon - 3 pm 

Cost:  $55/student, includes all materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  Using the age-old art of card weaving (or tablet weaving), you can create beautifully patterned bands to use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. This class will teach you how to read the pattern, to warp the cards and to weave with this ancient and fascinating system. We will be using a simple 6-card pattern draft, warping the loom and weaving book marks or a strap in up to 3 different patterns. Class includes cards, weaving materials, pattern and Board Loom; you will take home your simple loom!

Class Size:  6   

















Spring Fling Workshops Closed For 2015 (see below)

#101 - Wine/Lunch Tote Basket - Kathy McMinn - Instructor, Starts at 9am - this is an all day class. 



Cost:  $75/student, includes all materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  Weave this beautiful tote basket that can be used for several things. If you weave the divider in the middle, it will hold two bottles of wine. Without the divider, it is a nice size to carry a bottle of water and a lunch. You will learn to make a filled in bottom, add dividers and weave in your choice of many different colors. The basket has a nice strong handle.
Class Size:   8

 #201 - Explore Fractal Spinning - Sue Schalk - instructor, Noon - 5 pm


Cost$75/student plus at $25 material fee to be paid directly to the instructor at beginning of class.

Skill LevelIntermediate (basic knowledge of spinning)

Requirements:  Students need to bring:  a working spinning wheel with three bobbins so yarn can be plied, knitting needles or crochet hook approximately sized to make a swatch from their spinning and scissors. 

DescriptionYou bought that beautiful multi-colored braid of wool - now what to do with it?  This class will explore fractal spinning of those hand-painted braids.

Students will learn how to take hand-painted braids of fiber and spin it for gradient color repeats. Once spun, students will make up a sample swatch to see the effects of this unique way of spinning.

This is an intermediate class and students should be comfortable with their spinning wheel.
Class Size:  10 

 #204 -Peyote Stitch Beaded Needle Case,– Etui or Pillbox - Gail Hollinger - instructor, 1 - 4 pm


Cost:  $40/student. plus a $10 material fee to be paid directly to instructor.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Requirements:  Spirit of fun and a good story to share.

Description:   Working with size ten seed beads, this workshop will teach Peyote style beading which we will use to cover a tube, either wood or plastic, which can then be used for a needle case, an etui (small sewing kit, spools etc will be provided) a pillbox or just an interesting pendent.  This class will also teach beaded daisy and Pottawatomi daisy chains.
Class Size:  10   

#301 - Learning to use a Blending Board Heidi Warren - instructor - 9:00 am - 11:30

Cost:  $65/student, includes all equipment and materials.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Description:  In this two hour class come learn the tips and tricks to creating repeatable patterns in roving. This class will teach the techniques to plan and apply fiber to the blending board for a perfect original design. Practice with both carded and uncarded fibers of: top, locks, angora, silk, alpaca, and angelina. Participants will be practicing on a 12 x 12 blending board.  Class fee may be applied toward a purchase of the blending board. 

Class Size:  8  

# 304 - Lots and Lots of Locks! - Maegan Burkart - 9am - noon


Cost:  $70/student. plus a material fee of $25 to be paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Class Requirements:  Please bring a working spinning wheel, preferably with a bulky set up; Must have spinning experience.

Description:   There are hundreds of breeds of sheep and other fiber animals who all produce stunningly unique lock styles and structures and completely different spinning experiences! In this workshop we will begin our lock investigation by studying 10+ different breeds and species' lock types, styles and structures. There are many ways to spin each of them and various applications for each type. We will cover multiple ways to process different types, then spin using 3-5 different lock yarn techniques, spinning to utilize each lock's unique architecture and texture.

 Class Size:  10

#403- Spinning 202 Heidi Warren - instructor - 1:00 - 3:00  pm



Cost:  $50, all fibers for spinning are included .

Skill Level:  Intermediate (basic knowledge of spinning) 

Class Requirements:  Bring their own working spinning wheel  and fiber supplies are included.

Description:  What is the difference between woolen and worsted spinning?  Learn to spin woolen yarn by using rolags. 

Learn the correct way to spin artistic yarn and batt vs top rovings. This class is a mix of understanding spinning theory and hands on experience with the spinning techniques. 

Class Size:  10  






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