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Used Equipment Sale

Used Equipment/Stash Sale Information


There will be a special booth for used equipment and fiber related items.  The booth will have someone(s) there to watch over the equipment and talk to prospective buyers. 

Fiber Expo will run any money through our account and cut you a check for your amount (12% fee). 

You do not have to be at the sale but must drop off your own equipment and pick anything up that does not sell.  Any equipment/stash left at the end of the day on Sunday after pack-up will be considered donated to Fiber Expo. 

Items for sale are not limited to equipment but to all fiber related items.  If you have some stash you would like to sell please package it, label it and leave it in the sale booth.

  • Tag equipment/stash with name, phone, email, etc.  and pertinent informaiton about product.  
  • Information about your equipment, examples:  restored and in working order, in as is condition, needs ...?, etc. If you know what is needed for anything to work properly it would be a good thing to list it. 

You might want to demonstrate for part of the time in the booth. 

Email Connie at: if you are interested in participating. 

Fiber Expo,  Highland, MI 48357

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