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Animals For Sale - Pet and Breeding

At Fiber Expo you will be able to meet breeders of many types of Fiber Animals, such as Goats, Alpacas, Sheep, and Angora Rabbits.  Classes will be available to learn about the care required to maintain these pets, and get the most out of the new addition to your family. 

From the breeders you meet at Fiber Expo, you will be able to discuss how your child can become involved with the raising of a fiber animal through organizations such as 4-H.  Learn how your child can participate with their new pet in shows throughout the area, and become a responsible pet owner.

Take pride in your child's accomplishments, and encourage the development of their character through pet ownership.

For the fiber enthusiast, this is your opportunity to grow your own fiber animals, by purchasing directly from breeders that you can meet face to face at Fiber Expo.


Breeders:  To find out how you can showcase your animals to the attendees of Fiber Expo, go to the Animal Show Sign Up Page CLICK HERE

Animals Attending Fiber Expo Spring


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English Angora's



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