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Animal Information

Fuzzy, wooly, soft and cuddly everyone loves to pet them. 

Bring them to the Fiber Expo for show and tell and sale. 

photo from Zodiac Ranch, Milford, MI

Animal Requirements:

Normal Health certification (Certificate of Vet Inspection, immunizations, etc.) required for all animals.

  • Alpaca specifics:  A negative PCR test or VI test for BVDV (Bovine viral diarrhia virus) will be required for each alpaca entering the facility. 
  • All alpacas brought into Michigan must be accompanied by an interstate health certificate completed within 30 days prior to the last day of the show.


Animal Show Requirements:

  • Ranch or Farm booth must accompany any live animal display (except rabbits). 
  • Rabbits may be shown from exhibitor or farm/ranch booth. 
  • Floors are cement and require owner supplied bedding.  Pen enclosures must be brought by owners.  
  • Vendors must put celotex cardboard sheathing down and use Bagged Sawdust in pen areas....This is required for ALL RENTERS that have Horses/Animals that are kept in the pens -- per Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds management.  


Animal Sale Website Showcase: (optional)

If you would like to showcase your animal(s) on the website prior to the expo, please emailing the following to:

  • Animal(s) Details
  • Animal(s) Photographs [Please name jpg file the name of animal to avoid confusion]
  • Other Ranch/Farm Information to place on Animals for Sale Page.
  • Email by March 1st for Fiber Expo Spring, and October 16th for Fiber Expo Fall.  Emails received after these dates will not be posted on website.




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FiberExpo                            Make checks payable to:
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Upon receipt of payment, space will be confirmed via email by FiberExpo.


Thank you for helping make this event a success!

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